7th EuCheMS 2018 Liverpool, UK

This week two PhD students of our group, Rūta Veigure and Max Hecht had a chance to present their research in the 7th European Association for Chemical and Molecular Sciences (EuCheMS) Congress in Liverpool, organized by the European chemistry society. The conference offered a 5 day packed programme and celebrated the organization of different chemists in societies all over the world. For example, the Estonian chemical society is turning 100 years this year.

Rūta Veigure presented a poster on “Widening the range of eluent additives for LC-MS analysis to improve the retention of drug-like molecules”, while Max Hecht delivered a talk on the “The Evolution of Sponge spray for direct Sampling and Analysis by MS”.

Liverpool itself offered a variety of sights and enjoyable experiences, and as being the home-town of Beatles, there was even a chance to enjoy the tribute band “The Bootleg Beatles” during one of the Congress’ evenings.

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