First EU FT-ICR MS End User School in Joensuu

On the 20th -23rd of August 2018 Eliise, Pilleriin and Markus, who regularly use the FT-ICR-MS as part of their research, attended the first EU FT-ICR MS End User School. The school was organized by professor Janne Jänis and took place in the University of Eastern Finland in Joensuu. The school is part of the efforts of the European Network of Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry Centres (, the materials and slides from the course will also be available on this website under the documents section in the near future) to establish an EU community of end-users and FT-ICR-MS scientists. The objective of this network is to promote and provide resources for the wider application of FT-ICR-MS instruments by European academic, industrial and business institutions. The school was intended for researchers and students who are still relatively new to the machine.

The school consisted mostly of lectures by some of the world’s leading experts on FT-ICR MS. A few examples include prof. Peter O’Connor covering the fundamentals of FT-ICR-MS along with sharing some guidelines to follow in order to get the most out of one’s ICR and Evgeny Nikolaev talking about the dynamically harmonized ICR cell which he invented. In general, many different topics were covered: data acquisition and signal processing, isotopic fine structure and quadrupolar detection, atmospheric pressure ion sources, various applications of the machine etc.

Every day after the lectures some time was given for the attendees to present short talks covering their own research. The students also had the opportunity to present posters which could be viewed during the breaks between lectures. There was a 200€ prize for the best poster which was won by Anika Neuman for her work concerning the comparison of APCI and photoionization for gas analysis with FT-ICR-MS.

On the 21st of August the organizers gave a short tour of the universities FT-ICR-MS lab where they showed their 12 Tesla Bruker APEX-Qe instrument.

The summer school also included a half-day trip to the nearby Valamo monastery and whiskey distillery where a short excursion was accompanied with a wine tasting session and lunch.

All in all the summer school proved to be very beneficial to the attendees as along with gathering several new ideas regarding the most efficient use of the machine, many contacts were established with experts in the field.

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