EACH is featured in Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry!

The educational section of the leading analytical chemistry journal Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, the ABCs of Education and Professional Development in Analytical Science has published a paper about the EACH programme: EACH (Excellence in Analytical Chemistry), an Erasmus Mundus Joint Programme: progress and success

The EACH programme is an Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree programme coordinated by our group. It has become one of the leading master’s degree programmes focusing on analytical chemistry within its short existence. The programme is run in cooperation by four top European universities: in addition to the coordinating university, the University of Tartu (first-year university), also Uppsala University (Sweden), Åbo Akademi University (Finland) and University Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (France) are involved as second-year and specialisation institutions.

The paper gives a comprehensive overview about the EACH programme, including a detailed overview of what EACH is, what kind of topics are taught during the first study-year at the University of Tartu, what is the nature of the different study-tracks (specialisation during second study-year either in Sweden, Finland or France), what extra activities, such as internship and winter school the EACH programme offers. The paper also gives an explanation on why it is necessary to have such a programme like EACH, and how to be a part of the EACH experience.

One section in the paper is dedicated to the impact of the EACH programme – with the four years that the programme has accepted students, it has reached a lot of countries and the employability rate of the graduates is almost 90%.

This Autumn, the fifth intake of EACH students is starting their studies at the University of Tartu, expanding the blue areas on the map presented above even more.

For more information on the EACH programme, please see the programme’s webpage and also the newly published paper.

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