Successful Master’s defense about ValChrom software

Thesis: “Software Tool for Validation of Chromatographic Analytical Method” by Kodjovi Hippolyte-Fayol Toulassi

Kodjovi Hippolyte-Fayol Toulassi defending his thesis

The aim of the work was the development of the back-end for ValChrom software. It was jointly supervised by professor Marlon Dumas (Institute of Computer Science) and Koit Herodes and Asko Laaniste (Institute of Chemistry). Kodjovi successfully presented both the chemistry and computer science aspects of the thesis, gaining praise from the supervisors and the opponent.

The software

ValChrom is a software tool developed with the aim of easing the burden of analytical chemists at chromatographic method validation. In ValChrom the user chooses the validation approach (Kodjovi implemented 3 guidelines: ICH, EMA bioanalysis, and Eurachem) and software recommends a respective experimental plan.

After importing experimental results, ValChrom calculates results and generates a report. Feedback and suggestions are welcome at

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