Celebrating Christmas with our Analytical Chemistry family

Last week, the members of our Analytical Chemistry group celebrated Christmas together. 

After the traditional and tasty Christmas dinner, the not so traditional games took place. Everyone was dived into five teams. All of the teams had the same five tasks – they had to put their main senses to the test. But of course, the tasks required some additional knowledge of chemistry. 

The tasks were the following: identify common laboratory objects in a self-made and a not see-through “glove box” (touch); recognize the sounds of various laboratory machines, including the coffee maker (hearing); notice molecules and atoms in a drawing (sight); determine the concentrations of sugar solutions by tasting sugar solutions with known concentrations (taste); identify various alcohols and fragrant compounds by their aroma. The games of senses ended with a fun quiz.



Wishing you happy holidays and a wonderful new year from our Analytical Chemistry group!

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