New non-invasive approach to analyze textile fibers

Another new method development in our group has been assembled into a publication. Article by Pilleriin Peets (on the picture), Karl Kaupmees,  Signe Vahur, and Ivo Leito in the journal of Heritage Science introduces non-invasive approach to identify all kinds of different textile fibers using reflectance-FT-IR spectroscopy and chemometry. In this work 61 single-component textile pieces were analyzed, 4000 spectra were recorded and all in all 16 different textile fiber types were characterized. As reflectance-FT-IR spectroscopy is not widely used to analyze samples with an uneven surface, in our best knowledge, this article provides the largest collection of r-FT-IR spectra from textile fibers that is recorded and published. All the r-FT-IR spectra from different fiber classes are now available for other scientists, conservators, museum workers and industries to use!

PCA classification graph of different textile fiber classes. Peets, P., Kaupmees, K., Vahur, S., Leito, I. Reflectance FT-IR spectroscopy as a viable option for textile fiber identification. Herit Sci  7, 93 (2019)

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