A chemist with a Master’s degree in law

A member of our Analytical Chemistry group – Riin Rebane – achieved something rare for a chemist. On the 26th of May, she earned a Master’s degree in law!

Her studies combined both law and chemistry with a focus on intellectual property law. This was also the case for the topic of her Master’s thesis:  Interpretation of patent claims in Europe on the example of chemistry patents.

The aim of the thesis was to investigate how patent claims are interpreted during patent application expertise as well as in courts in the European Union and in the markets important to Europe. After investigating the practices of many countries, Riin concluded that patent claims in patent offices are interpreted quite similarly. However, it was observed from analyzing the practices of national courts that patent claim interpretation in courts is much more inconsistent and causes a lot of uncertainty for patent applicants and owners. For example, it is very likely that a patent approved by the patent offices can be revoked in court or even more confusing, a court in France may revoke, but a German court may not.

Congratulations to you, Riin! We are glad, that your hard work has paid off 😊.

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