Dr. Artur Gornischeff – PhD thesis on the study of ionization efficiencies and standard free quantification

On the 18th of August, 2020, Artur Gornischeff defended his PhD thesis titled Study of ionization efficiencies for derivatized compounds in LC/ESI/MS and their application for targeted analysis

In the thesis by Artur, a method that allowed to measure and evaluate the ionization efficiencies of important constituents (amino acids, biogenic amines) in different foodstuffs and beverages was developed. The developed useful method was used to estimate analyte concentrations without standard substances in different matrices (beer, wine, and tea). In addition, the effect of derivatization on ionization efficiencies and the problem of how to choose the suitable ion source and eluent components were addressed. One benefit of the overall results is the possibility to help with distinguishing counterfeit drinks from the original ones. 

Congratulations, Artur! We wish you all the best for your future.  






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