Dr. Pilleriin Peets – PhD thesis on the analysis of textile fibres and dyes

Today, on August 25, 2020, Pilleriin Peets successfully defended her PhD thesis titled Development of instrumental methods for the analysis of textile fibres and dyes.

In the thesis by Pilleriin Peets, analytical methods using FT-IR spectroscopy in ATR and reflectance modes were developed for the determination of 16 different fibre types. Additionally, classification methods (discriminant analysis and random forest) were used for the classification of unknown fibres. For the dye analysis, analytical methods using various instrumental sets (HPLC with different mass analysers, MALDI- and ESI-FT-ICR-MS) were developed based on the analysis of seven natural red dyes

Based on these results, a large collection of standard spectra and chromatograms was collected and made available for scientists. The advantageous developed methods were used to analyse several cultural heritage samples from the University of Tartu Art Museum, Estonian National Museum, Conservation and Digitization Centre Kanut (Estonia) and private collections. 

Well done, Pilleriin! We wish you all the best for the future!

One thought on “Dr. Pilleriin Peets – PhD thesis on the analysis of textile fibres and dyes

  1. Congratulations Pilleriin! Well done and all my best wishes for your future life of
    accomplishment. Palju õnne ja ka tervitusi Sinu perele. Mäletan ikka laulupeo aega
    Eestis eelmisel suvel ja kui õnnelik ma olen et seda teisi tegin koos Peetriga.
    Soovides kõiki head,

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