LC-MS Method Validation online course finished with 28% completion rate!

Altogether 791 people were registered from 86 countries. 338 participants actually started the course (i.e. tried at least one graded test at least once) and out of them 221 successfully completed the course. The overall completion rate was 28%. The completion rate of participants who actually started the studies was 65%. All statistics during the five years can be found in the table below.

Year No of registrations No of countries Active participants Completion rate: Overall Completion rate: Participants who started studies
2017 303 61 224 55% 75%
2018 424 71 236 37% 67%
2019 426 70 227 29% 55%
2020 515 77 267 31% 60%
2021 791 86 338 28% 65%

Both the overall completion rate, as well as the completion rate of those participants who actually started the course have stabilized. The latter completion rate can be considered very good by any measure. As has been the usual case with our online courses, the questions from the participants were often very interesting, often addressed things that are really important to analysts in their everyday work. Such discussions made teaching this course a great experience also for us, the teachers!

We want to thank all participants for helping to make this course a success!

We plan to repeat this course again in Autumn-Winter 2021-2022.

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