Dr. Matti Laan – Laser cleaning in cultural heritage

Yesterday, on the 7th of May, Associate Professor emeritus of physics Matti Laan gave a highly interdisciplinary lecture about laser cleaning in the field of cultural heritage.

On this project, Dr. Laan (presenting his lecture in the picture on the right) worked with the late Associate Professor emeritus of chemistry Tullio Ilomets. Dr. Laan gave an exciting lecture about different lasers (e.g., Nd:YAG, XeCl, Er:YAG) and which of them is most suitable for laser cleaning of various artefacts (such as paintings or sculptures). For this laser ablation is used, which removes any undesired material (including ageing products and materials from previous conservation works) layer by layer.

Most of the listeners participated via the Zoom platform – over 70 physics, chemists, conservators, material scientists, and people from other disciplines joined in this interdisciplinarity lecture. The lecture was organised by our Cultural Heritage workgroup, Institute of Physics, and The Estonian Academy of Arts in the framework of Dr. Signe Vahur’s PRG1198. The recording (in Estonian) can be found here.

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