A new exciting collaboration with famous contemporary Estonian artist Kaido Ole!

From left: Dr Signe Vahur, artist Kaido Ole, and Dr Hilkka Hiiop

On the 15th of April, Dr Signe Vahur, Dr Hilkka Hiiop, and their Bachelor student Selene Margaret Pruuden visited Estonian painting artist Kaido Ole.

Kaido Ole has been one of the most well-known and awarded contemporary Estonian painters since 1989 and a long-time teacher and professor at the Estonian Academy of Arts. Ole’s work has a unique point of view, and his paintings are characterised by humour, self-irony and a critical sense of the absurd. Kaido Ole likes to use bright colours and different painting materials (oil paints, acryl paints, alkyd paints, etc.). More about Kaido’s creations can be seen on his webpage.

Our cultural heritage workgroup investigates different traditional materials and now more and more also modern synthetical and polymeric materials. Kaido Ole supports our modern materials research topic with his know-how as an artist and kindly shares his painting materials. In the future, we can investigate these materials also with our laser-pen probe-MS.

This collaboration is very new, and we are very excited to pursue this research. Thank you, Kaido!

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