Gallery of the project:

Development of Laser-pen probe-MS system (2021-2025)

Specialist Tõiv Haljasorg experimenting with the ion source
Chemists (Dr Anu Teearu-Ojakäär, specialist Tõiv Haljasorg) visiting Physicists (Dr Rünno Lõhmus, Dr Aleksei Treštšalov)
Dr Signe Vahur observing figures on the Bernt Notke altar
Physicists Dr Aleksei Treštšalov and MSc Laurits Puust bringing the laser to Chemicum for the first time
Specialist Tõiv Haljasorg and Dr Aleksei Treštšalov connecting laser with MS
Dr Hilkka Hiiop and her students making luster paints
Lecture of Dr Matti Laan
First meeting (05.01.2021)