Estonian Center of Analytical Chemistry

For Acid-base group

Prof. Dr. Ingo Krossing from The University of Freiburg

Ullrich Jahn from The IOCB Prague

Prof. Dr. Magnus Rueping from The KAUST

Prof. Dr. J. Sundermeyer from The Philipps-Universität Marburg

Dr. Robert Vianello from The Ruđer Bošković Institute

Prof. Dr. Edgars Suna from The University of Latvia

Prof. Dr. Benjamin List from The Max Planck Institut für Kohlenforschung

Prof. Dr. Jan Paradies from The University of Paderborn

For LC-MS group

Assoc. Prof. Anneli Kruve from Stockholm University

Prof. Rodolphe Antoine from The Institut Lumière Matière

Prof. Jonas Bergquist from The Uppsala University

For Supramolecular chemistry group

Prof. Johan Bobacka, D.Sc. (Tech.) from Åbo Akademi University

For Metrology group

Prof. Teemu Matias Näykki from Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE)

Bertil Magnusson from SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden