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Our Group

Ivo Leito


Dr. Koit Herodes
Associate Professor
LC-MS: separation, ionization, derivatization, validation.
Dr. Ivari Kaljurand
Associate Professor
Acid-base chemistry in solution and gas phase. Petroleomics
Dr. Agnes Kütt
Associate Professor
Acid-base chemistry in solution. Synthesis of exotic species
Dr. Ester Oras
Associate Professor
Organic residue analysis of archaeological material, isotope analysis, ancient foodways, ancient migrations
Dr. Signe Vahur
Associate Professor
Analysis of cultural heritage materials (paints, resinous materials, textiles, papers etc) using different spectroscopic and mass spectrometric techniques
Dr. Astrid Darnell
Research Fellow
Experimental and computational studies of receptor-analyte binding and acid-base equilibria
Dr. Hanno Evard
Research Fellow
Development of novel microfluidic systems for on-the-spot chemical analysis; LC-MS, estimating limit of detection
Dr. Agnes Heering
Research Fellow
Development of unified acidity scale and estimation of liquid junction potentials
Dr. Irja Helm
Research Fellow
Dissolved oxygen measurements, metrology in chemistry
Dr. Hilkka Hiiop
Research Fellow
Cultural heritage and conservation; technical art history. Estonian Academy of Arts, Faculty of Art and Culture, Dean.
Dr. Karin Kipper
Research Fellow
Bioanalytics, eluent additives, direct ionisation methods, clinical research, pharmacokinetics/ pharmacodynamics
Dr. Märt Lõkov
Research Fellow
Acidity and basicity determinations in non-aqueous media
Dr. Viljar Pihl
Research Fellow
Instruments, their development and maintenance
Dr. Riin Rebane
Research Fellow
Derivatization, method development, IP rights
Dr. Sigrid Selberg
Research Fellow
Organic synthesis, fluorescence, acid-base chemistry
Dr. Eliise Tammekivi
Research Fellow
Analysis of organic materials related to cultural heritage objects with different analytical techniques (HRMS, GC-MS, ATR-FTIR, etc).
Dr. Anu Teearu-Ojakäär
Research Fellow
Analysis of resinous materials related to cultural heritage samples with different analytical techniques (HRMS, LC-MS, ATR-FT-IR, etc.)
Dr. Lauri Toom
Research Fellow
Synthesis of carborane acids; NMR spectroscopy
Dr. Sofja Tšepelevitš
Research Fellow
Computations in solutions, prediction of acidity and basicity, liquid-liquid equilibria
Dr. Mari Tõrv
Research Fellow
Stable isotope analysis of ancient bone/hair; ancient life and death ways
Dr. Martin Vilbaste
Research Fellow
Metrology of air humidity, gas flow metrology, uncertainty estimation
Airiin Laaneväli
Development of novel microfluidic systems for on-the-spot chemical and medical analysis. MSc (Gene Technology; Virology) BSc (Environmental Engineering)
Dr. Asko Laaniste
LC method development and validation
Dr. Andre Leesment
Acid-base chemistry in gas-phase and in solution; Development of novel microfluidic systems for on-the-spot chemical and medical analysis
Dr. Ernesto de Jesus Zapata Flores
Development of microfluidic analysis devices; LC-MS: derivatization and analysis of amino compounds
Dr. Shidong Chen
Lab Technician
Decoding ancient foodways: Combined lipid and protein analysis from archaeological ceramics
Ester Uibopuu
Lab Assistant

Ph.D Candidates

Nguyen Kim Ngan Bui
PhD candidate
Universal derivatization reagents in LC-MS
Jan-Michael Cayme
PhD candidate
Interactions between organic and inorganic compounds in ancient ceramics
Larissa Maciel
PhD candidate
Derivatization-targeted LC-MS analysis of compounds containing amino-group
Kerli Martin
PhD candidate
Molecular receptors and sensors
Naila Nasirova
PhD candidate
Development of a high-sensitivity biorecognition-based assay for detection of oestrogen in complex biological mixtures
Mari Ojakivi
PhD candidate
Organic reactions in microdroplets
Elisabeth Parman
PhD candidate
pKa measurement with NMR
Shrikant Pawade
PhD candidate
Marta-Lisette Pikma
PhD candidate
Synthesis of organophosphorus compounds
Jaan Saame
PhD candidate
Experimental self-consistent superbasicity scales in solution and in the gas phase
Indrek Saar
PhD candidate
Development of microfluidic analysis devices
John Paulo Samin
PhD candidate
Unified acidity in nonpolar solvents


Silvia Hiie Aabloo
MSc student
Matrix materials for MALDI-MS
Tõiv Haljasorg
MSc student
Analysis of polar pesticides in herbal matrices
Khrongkwan Kongdam
MSc student
Unraveling lignin composition
Markus Lahe
MSc student
Development of unified acidity scale
Raido Maasik
MSc student
HS GC method development for urinalysis
Anu Polis
BSc student
Analysis of organic pigments with different analytical techniques
Andreas Päkk
BSc student
Effect of pHabs on chromatographic retention
Johanna Reinik
BSc student
LC-MS-i analüüsimetoodika arendamine antimikroobsete ainete määramiseks lindude kudedes
Helerin Roomet
MSc student
pKa measurements in 1,2-difluorobenzene
Lola Sõukand
MSc student
Anioonsete ainete mõõtmine mikrofluiidika testidega
Anna Zobel
MSc student
Analysis of soil organic matter with HRMS


Dr. Alo Rüütel (Icosagen)
Siiri Saaver (Estonian Environmental Research Centre)
Dr. Somayyeh
Dr. Mare Piirsalu
Helen Sepman (Stockholm University, Kruve lab)
Krit Lossmann (Miridon)
Peep Põdder Jr.
Dr. Merit Oss (Retla-Kabala school)
Dr. Ali Ghiami-Shomami (Ruhr-Universität Bochum)
Mari Kass (TBD-Biodiscovery)
Helmi Ulrika Kirm (Synlab)
Dr. Toomas Rodima
Dr. Max Hecht
Dr. Rūta Hecht
Dr. Pilleriin Peets (Friedrich Schiller Universität Jena)
Dr. Artur Gornischeff (Estonian Tax and Customs Board)
Dr. Karl Kaupmees (GridIO)
Dr. Anneli Kruve (Stockholm University, Kruve lab)
Dr. Jaanus Liigand (Salv)
Dr. Piia Liigand (TBD-Biodiscovery)
Dr. Vilve Nummert
Dr. Kristjan Haav (Skeleton Technologies)
Dr. Maarja-Liisa Oldekop (TBD-Biodiscovery)
Rudolf Aro (Örebro University)
Liisa Eero (Rakvere Gymnasium)
Elmo Libek (Cambrex)
Gunnar Printsmann (Cambrex)
Jaana Heiter (Teligent)
Juuli Nõges (Teligent)
Dr. Sandip Ashokrao Kadam (Aragen)
Dr. Chunguang Lu
Dr. Teemu Matias Näykki
Sinai Mwagomba
Kristel Ets (Graanul Biotech)
Philippa Alice Hayes
Kristo Kleemann 
Vahur Toss (Cambrex)
Martin Vels
Dr. Karita Raudkivi (University of Tartu)
Dr. Lauri Lipping (A Le Coq)
Erik Berlin (TBD-Biodiscovery)
Gert Suurkuusk (IRC, Italy)
Ragne Auling
Roman Lilleorg (Quantum Estonia)
Elin Raamat (Estonian Veterinary and Food Laboratory)
Valli Parts
Dr. Lauri Jalukse (Estonian Veterinary and Food Laboratory)
Dr. Eva-Ingrid Rõõm (Estonian University of Life Sciences)
Allan Künnapas (Quantum Estonia)
Kadi Künnapas (Tartu University Hospital)
Andrus Vihalem (Estonian Environmental Research Centre)
Dr. Eve Koort
Dr. Lilli Sooväli
Margus Jäger
Signe Leito (Agency of Medicines)
Kristina Virro (University of Tartu)
Julia Traks
Urmas Pille
Dr. Ivar Koppel (University of Tartu)