List of LC, GC and MS instruments


Varian FT-ICR-MS (with 7 Tesla superconducting magnet) with ESI and APCI ion sources
Agilent 1290 Infinity HPLC system with the Agilent 6495 Triple Quad mass spectrometer
LC-MS Agilent Series 1100 LC/MSD Trap XCT
Shimadzu HPLC system with Shimadzu MS 2020 Single Quad mass spectrometer


Agilent 1200 HPLC system with 5-channel variable wavelength UV-Vis detector and fluorescence detector
LA-ICP-MS instrument (Agilent 8800 triple Quadrupole ICP-MS equipped with LSX 213 G2 Laser ablation system (Cetac)) (in collaboration with Geology department – their contact Päärn Paiste, our contact Signe Vahur)


Framesource used for Sponge Spray ionisation.