Thesis Topics

LC/MS Studies

Ernesto de Jesus Zapata Flores, Master’s Degree, 2018, “Determination of free diisocyanates in polyurethane foam”

Maarja-Liisa Oldekop, Doctor’s Degree, 2017, “Characterization of amino acid derivatization reagents for LC-MS analysis”

Elmo Libek, Master’s Degree, 2017, “Predicting the hydrophobicity of ionic substances with HPLC”

Gunnar Printsmann, Master’s Degree, 2017, “Screening of Estonian groundwater for regulated and emerging contaminants”

Asko Laaniste, Doctor’s Degree, 2016, “Comparison and optimisation of novel mass spectrometry ionisation sources”

Hanno Evard, Doctor’s Degree, 2016, “Estimating limit of detection for mass spectrometric analysis methods”

Ruta Veigure, Master’s Degree, 2016, “Development and validation of UHPLC-MS/MS method for analysis of sedative drugs and their metabolites in blood plasma”

Jaana Heiter, Master’s Degree, 2016, “Synthesis and testing of monolithic poly(styrene-divinylbenzene) stationary phases in PEEK tubing”

Piia Liigand, Master’s Degree, 2015, “Expanding the electrospray ionization efficiency scale in positive and negative mode ESI”

Jaanus Liigand, Master’s Degree, 2015, “Electrospray ionisation efficiency scales: mobile phase effects and transferability”

Martin Vels, Master’s Degree, 2013, “Software tool for validation of analytical HPLC procedures”

Vahur Toss, Master’s Degree, 2013, “Evaluation and solving of crucial problems in glyphosate groundwater analysis with SPE HPLC/ESI/MS”

Kristo Kleemann, Master’s Degree, 2013, “Ionization efficiency changes in electrospray ionization source on the example of amines”

Kristel Ets, Master’s Degree, 2013, “Studying ESI ionization efficiency on different mass spectrometers”

Karin Kipper, Doctor’s Degree, 2012, “Fluoroalcohols as components of LC-ESI-MS eluents: usage and applications”

Riin Rebane, Doctor’s Degree, 2012, “Advanced method development strategy for derivatization LC/ESI/MS”

Hanno Evard, Master’s Degree, 2012, “Study of paperspray ionization and its possible applications”

Asko Laaniste, Master’s Degree, 2012, “Development of polymethacrylate monolithic columns for HPLC”

Anneli Kruve, Doctor’s Degree, 2011, “Matrix effects in liquid-chromatography electrospray mass-spectrometry”

Erik Berlin, Master’s Degree, 2011, “Stability testing of nitrocellulose based propellants using stabilizer depletion”

Gert Suurkuusk, Master’s Degree, 2010, “Validation of the gas chromatographic method for THC, CBD and CBN determination”

Ragne Auling, Master’s Degree, 2009, “Development of LC-MS method for determination of glyphosate residue in wheat”

Riin Rebane, Master’s Degree, 2008, “Determination of amino acid content of honey by HPLC – method development and analysis of results”

Allan Künnapas, Master’s Degree, 2007, “Comparison of sample preparation methods for LC-MS pesticide residues analysis”

Anneli Kruve, Master’s Degree, 2007, “Matrix effects in LC/ESI/MS analysis of pesticide residues. Comparison of sample preparation methods”

Kadi Künnapas, Master’s Degree, 2007, “Liquid chromatographic determination of Sudan dyes I – IV”

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Acid-base studies

Ande Leesment, Master’s Degree, 2018, “Gas phase acidity measurements of superacids using FT-ICR method”

Agnes Heering, Doctor’s Degree, 2017, “Experimental realization and applications of the unified acidity scale”

Karl Kaupmees, Doctor’s Degree, 2014, “Acidity and basicity in non-aqueous media: importance of solvent properties and purity”

Sofja Tšepelevitš, Master’s Degree, 2014, “Extraction prediction model”

Märt Lõkov, Master’s Degree, 2014, “The Basicities of Representatives of Some Compound Families in Acetonitrile”

Agnes Suu, Master’s Degree, 2013, “Experimental realization of unified acidity scale”

Lauri Lipping, Doctor’s Degree, 2011, “The acidity of strong and superstrong Brönsted acids, an outreach for the “limits of growth”: a quantum chemical study”

Agnes Kütt, Doctor’s Degree, 2008, “Studies of Acid-Base Equilibria in non-Aqueous Media”

Eva-Ingrid Rõõm, Doctor’s Degree, 2007, “Acid-Base Equilibria in Nonpolar Media”

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Cultural Heritage Objects

Anu Teearu, Doctor’s Degree, 2017, “Development of MALDI-FT-ICR-MS methodology for the analysis of resinous materials”

Liisa Eero, Master’s Degree, 2017, “Quantitative analysis of paper using ATR-FT-IR Spectroscopic Method”

Eliise Tammekivi, Master’s Degree, 2017, “Investigation of binding media with GC-MS”

Pilleriin Peets, Master’s Degree, 2016, “Textile and dyes analysis with different instrumental methods”

Philippa Alice Hayes, Master’s Degree, 2013, “ATR-FT-IR and multivariate analysis of paints and coating materials”

Anu Teearu, Master’s Degree, 2009, “Investigation of pigments with ATR-FTIR spectroscopy”

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Supramolecular Analytical Chemistry

Alo Rüütel, Master’s Degree, 2018, “Synthesis of bambusuril macrocycles and investigation of their binding properties”

Kristjan Haav, Doctor’s Degree, 2017, “Quantitative relative equilibrium constant measurements in supramolecular chemistry”

Juuli Nõges, Master’s Degree, 2016, “Differentiation of similar receptor-anion binding affinities using an NMR-based method”

Sandip A. Kadam, Doctor’s Degree, 2015, “Anion receptors: synthesis and accurate binding measurements”

Sigrid Selberg, Master’s Degree, 2015, “Novel lipophilic pH indicator molecules based on iminophosphoranes”

Astrid Pung, Master’s Degree, 2014, “Computational estimation of receptor-anion binding in solution”

Kerli Martin, Master’s Degree, 2014, “Building binding scales of simple carboxylate anions by synthetic receptors”