PRG project: Developement of Laser-pen probe-MS system (2021-2025)


Project leader

Dr. Signe Vahur
Assoc. Professor, Analytical and Physical Chemistry
She specializes in the development of methods for the investigation of cultural heritage materials with various analytical techniques

Team members

Dr. Hilkka Hiiop
Research Fellow, Analytical Chemistry. Dean, Estonian Academy of Arts, Faculty of Art and Culture
Cultural heritage and conservation; technical art history
Dr. Rynno Lohmus
Assoc. Professor, Material Science
Competence in materials characterization methods. Certified 8th grade mechanical engineer
Dr. Anu Teearu-Ojakäär
Research Fellow, Analytical Chemistry
Specializes in analysis of different materials with mass spectrometric techniques
Dr. Eliise Tammekivi
Research Fellow, Analytical Chemistry
Analysis of organic materials related to cultural heritage objects with chromatographic and mass spectrometric techniques
Dr. Aleksei Treshchalov
Specialist, Physics-Mathematics
Competence in lasers, spectroscopy, plasma physics
Jan-Michael Cayme
PhD student, Analytical Chemistry
Tõiv Haljasorg
Chemist, Analytical Chemistry
Silvia Hiie Aabloo
MSc student
Matrix materials for MALDI-MS
Martin Leissoo
Competence in material science, analysis of organic materials with HRMS
Anu Polis
BSc student
Analysis of organic pigments with different analytical techniques